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Welcome to Dapur Mariae

(Mariae's Kitchen)

Home To Three Award Winning Sauces!

Peanut Sauce

Spicy Sambal Sauce

Curry Paste

Making Malaysian food accessible to everyone!

Hassle-Free and delicious Malaysian cooking!

From the moment I stepped into the kitchen with my mum at the age of 10, I sensed that it was destined to become a lifelong passion which has remained unwavering to this day. The Malaysian culture, where food plays a central role, provided the perfect environment for nurturing and cultivating my culinary interest.

These skills proved invaluable when I relocated to the UK in 1989 for nurse training, and my modest room in the nurses’ home fast became a gathering spot for good food and camaraderie. The tradition of friends gathering for a meal persisted even in my marital home with my husband, Gerard, who shared my deep love for food. Notably, he was professionally trained as a chef. Discovering that Malaysian cuisine was relatively obscure compared to other Asian offerings, we decided to unveil this delectable secret and Dapur Mariae was born!

The mission was straightforward yet profound: to spread the joys of Malaysian food and make it accessible to everyone. It is where tradition meets innovation, and each bite is a celebration of Malaysia’s rich and diverse heritage.

While some may contend that using a jar of ready-made sauce doesn’t truly measure one’s cooking prowess, my stance is simple—I offer the essentials, and you unleash your creativity! Seeking convenience shouldn’t ever mean compromising on taste. For those yearning for the exotic but unsure where to begin, our products offer a gateway to exploration with simplicity.

I share with you Joyful Malaysian cooking from my kitchen to yours!

Available for Private Chef, Supper Club, and Takeaways. Advance booking required. Check out our menu page for a list of mouth watering dishes!