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Chicken satay  £14

Tofu and vegetable satay £12.50

(Served with our award winning peanut sauce and salad)

Curry Puffs

Chicken and potato curry puffs £7.50

Vegetable curry puffs £6.50

Cucur Udang (deep fried prawn fritters) £9

Cucur sayur (deep fried vegetable fritters) served with chili dipping sauce £6.50

Baked Siu Pao

(Minced pork in soy and char siu sauce encased in flaky pastry)

Chicken or pork siu pao £8

Vegetable Siu Pao (dried shitake, peas, and black fungus) £6.50

Fresh rice paper spring rolls (V) £7

(Served with chilli dipping sauce)


Rendang (Medium)

(Rich coconut curry – Malaysia’s most popular curry)

Beef Rendang  £14.50

Chicken Rendang £12.50

Vegetable or mock meat rendang £11 (V)

Our award winning Sambal paste (spicy)

Chicken £11.50

Prawn £14

Salmon £14

Tofu £10 (V)

Aubergine £9 (V)

Egg £9

Curry with our award winning curry paste (Medium)

Beef £14.50

Lamb or mutton £17.50

Chicken £11.50

Prawn £14

Vegetable (Aubergine, Tomatoes, Potatoes, okra) £10

Eurasian Devil Curry (Spicy)

Chicken £12

Pork £13.50

Tofu and potato £10



Braised pork belly with dark soy and whole spices (mild) £13.50

Braised Tofu with dark soy and whole spices £10

Masak Merah (Mild)

(A rich tomato based sauce with whole spices)

Chicken £12

Salmon or King Fish £14

Aubergine Masak Merah £9.50

Towfoo goreng (V) £11.50

Deep fried tofu with spicy, sweet and sour sauce topped with julienne of red onion, cucumber, carrot, Thai chili, and fresh coriander


Ayam Kota Bahru (spicy) £13.50

(Roasted chicken thighs coated in sambal, garnished with deep fried onions, garlic and ginger)

 Tempeh Kota Bahru (V) £11

Speciality dishes (Mains)

Nasi Lemak £16

Vegetarian/Vegan Nasi Lemak £14

Nasi Goreng £10.50

Vegetarian Nasi Goreng £9.50

 Hokkien noodles £11.50

Vegetarian Hokkien Noodles £9.50

 Nasi Ayam (Chicken rice) £16

 Char Kuoey Teow (Spicy or mild) £12

Vegetarian / Vegan Char Kuoey Teow £9.50



‘Rempah Sayur’ £7.50

Black pepper aubergine £7

‘Sayur Goreng’ Spring greens with dried shitake and garlic £7

Kerabu Mangga (Mango salad) £6.50

Salad Nenas (Pineapple salad) £6.50



Basmati Rice £3.50

Coconut rice £4

Tomato rice £4

Pulut kuning (Steamed turmeric glutinous rice) £4.50

Roti Jala (6 pcs) £5

Spring onion roti (2 pcs) £6


Sweet offerings

Appam Balik £7.50 (Malaysian filled with peanuts or banana and brown sugar)

Cekodok Pisang £7 (Deep fried banana balls with palm sugar syrup)

Goreng Pisang £7 (Banana fritters)

Pandan and coconut sponge (6 inch) £22